Do You Have a Headache? It May Be TMD | Manhattan Beach Dentist

What is TMD? Temporomandibular Joint Disorders are any health problems and pain associated with disorders of the jaw joint. While no amount of printed information can replace a complete examination by a qualified practitioner, it helps to have a little bit of knowledge under your belt before taking that major step and making an appointment to consult a health professional. Some patients live with TMD for years before it becomes painful enough to cause them to seek help. Here’s a quick breakdown of tips to make yourself more comfortable while you wait for your appointment

Ice packs are excellent in reducing pain and muscle spasm. Place ice packs over the temple area and side of the face for ten minutes, three or four times a day.

Place yourself on a soft, but not liquid, diet. A good balanced diet consisting of cooked whole grains, beans, vegetables, eggs, fish, cheese, ground meats, fruit, etc. Avoid foods like salads, apples, chips, corn on the cob, hard breads, raw vegetables, steak, etc. because they work your jaw to chew. The key is to keep your jaw relaxed.

Your sleep position is vitally important. If possible, sleep on your back, perhaps with a pillow under your knees and along your sides, discouraging tossing and turning. Stay away from firm, full pillows under your head, and trade for orthopedic pillows helpful in reducing head and neck pain.

When it comes to day-to-day activity, good posture is key. Keep your head up, chin out, shoulders squared and back straight.

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