Don’t Be Scared of the Root Canal | Manhattan Beach Dentist

On this Halloween night we are reminded of all things scary. What scares you? For many people, it’s visiting the dentist. There are so many people scared of the dentist, in fact, that dental anxiety is an actual thing. And a lot of times, it was because of a particular treatment option – the dreaded root canal.

Believe it or not, a root canal therapy actually relieves pain, it does not cause pain. The pain comes from the infection in the root canal. The endodontic treatment removes the infection and leaves you feeling better after the procedure. The best part is you get to keep your natural tooth.

But what exactly is a root canal? It is a procedure that treats the inside of your tooth. If you have an untreated chip or cracked (or other trauma), it can expose the pulp which then can become inflamed and infected. Thus, the pulp inside of your tooth becomes damaged. Left untreated leads to the pain you’d feel with a toothache. This left further untreated can result in an abscess.

When your dentist performs a root canal, the damaged pulp is removed entirely from the inside of the tooth. After it is removed, your tooth will be cleaned and disinfected and sealed. Afterwards, the tooth is restored with a crown or a filling for protection.

But don’t be scared – modern root canal treatment is similar to having a routine filling and may be completed in one or two appointments depending on the condition of the tooth.

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